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Zen Commuter

Aug 29, 2018

Many people from around the world suffer from insomnia.  Some causes are physiological, but for the ones that are mental, like an overactive mind, there is a solution.  You guessed it: meditation.

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4 Reasons why Sleep Meditation Can Be Your Antidote for Insomnia by Mindvalley

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Aug 28, 2018

Every meditator has heard to focus on their breath when their mind starts to wander.  But you have been breathing your entire life, so it isn't that tough to do.  To my point, unless you find ways to deepen the focus of your breath, then your mind will go quickly back to your thoughts.  Luckily, today I talk about ways...

Aug 27, 2018

Did you know that you can meditate with your eyes open?  Most people think it is a totally closed eyes type of thing.  There is a good reason for that.  It is easiest for beginners.  Today I talk about why that is, and what the benefits are.

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Warby Parker

If you wear glasses you know how absolutely ridiculous...

Aug 24, 2018

If you start the day off calm and collected chances are good you will end that way too.  Today, I share a morning meditation with you that will allow you to wake up calmly.  Enjoy

Aug 23, 2018

People who suffer from trauma spend a significant amount of time separating the trauma from their day to day life.  Such is also the case in a meditative practice as well.  In fact, lesser trauma sensations are very similar to meditative states, so sufferers need to be more aware of their body and mind than non-trauma...