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Zen Commuter

Oct 28, 2021

Life has a wonderful way of leading us to where we can best serve, even when it seems the hardest. Once his divorce was final, Aryeh Green set out on a journey to hike the Israel Trail. On that journey he found courage, forgiveness and peace of mind. Most of all, he found healing. Come listen.

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Oct 27, 2021

Today I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Aryeh Green, the author of My Israel Trail. In his book he details the journey by foot he undertook traveling the Israel trail for some 400 miles. On that pilgrimage, motivated by a painful divorce, he found forgiveness, healing and transformation. Today I read a few...

Oct 22, 2021

One of the benefits of meditation is its ability to help us feel a little calmer. It might not be serving to go into it as the goal, but it does offer that as a pleasant perk. However, it may also be unserving to use meditation to escape the challenges of daily life.

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Oct 22, 2021

In many episodes of Zen Commuter and Calmer in Five I have mentioned that I bring questions to my meditations in order to gain clarity or wisdom. Today I talk about the methods I use to do that, along with some other things to be aware of.

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Oct 20, 2021

There are many times when we feel like things are out of control, either personally or in the world. Kaira Jewel Lingo helps us remember that regardless of what is going on, we can always return to our bodies and minds to experience situations in a more peaceful way.

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