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Zen Commuter

Jun 28, 2023

Being under the weather is not fun at all, but some things still have to get done; like your meditation practice. Thankfully there are many ways to alter your daily practice to still get it done while you are on the mend. Additionally, a meditation practice can help you understand why you got sick in the first place....

Jun 26, 2023

Thomas Sterner literally wrote the book on helping us free ourselves from the tyranny of our thoughts. In his latest book, It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom Through Deliberate Thinking, he helps readers learn that they are not their thoughts. Today in my interview we talk about that concept and many others. Come...

Jun 21, 2023

Thomas Sterner is the author of It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking. Today I read the introduction to his book so that you can get an idea of his work, and the power of this groundbreaking literature. Then we will be all set for our interview with him tomorrow. Enjoy.

Jun 17, 2023

Constantin is a personal and professional development enthusiast with over 15 years of experience.
As a Holistic Life Empowerment Mentor, he inspires and empowers individuals on their unique journeys towards growth and self-discovery through both his professional and personal life, as well as his podcast,...

Jun 15, 2023

While I typically don’t include reviews of books when Tricycle week comes around, I thought that Chenxing Han’s book about care-taking may provide a great resource for those taking care of a loved one, and what that means.

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