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Zen Commuter

Nov 30, 2022

Pain, chronic or sporatic, upsets our view of the world and our ability to be light and carefree.  Today's post from Tricycle details a meditation practice for welcoming your pain

Nov 29, 2022

Today's post is an excellent reminder about our existence and self-worth.  In it, Yoshin David Radin talks about the infinite nature of the mind once it is freed of the mispercetion of individuality.

Nov 28, 2022

Today Is the first day of Tricycle Week, so let me welcome Satya Robin.  She is an ordained buddhist minister and introduces people to Pure Land Buddhism. Come join me and listen to a great ostory...the stor of her her life.,

Nov 28, 2022

Greg is a healer, coach and mindfulness practitioner.  He uses the tools at his disposal to facilitate healing and growth within his clients. Come Listen

Nov 25, 2022

Juni Bucher is a nutritionist and meditation instructor who battled breast cancer and won.  After her diagnosis she felt it was time to let other women know about other resources available to them. Along with her meditation instruction and nutrition business, she is also a vocal advocate for helping women regain their...