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Zen Commuter

Mar 29, 2023

Meditation is about stillness, about experiencing the truest understanding of who we are; past the boundaries of body and thought.  Today I talk about how we can do that; how we can expereince that understanding through our practice.

Mar 27, 2023

Many, if not the majority, of my students find creating a consistent practice to be the most difficult part of meditation.  Today I share with you a tip to keep your practice strong and resilient.  

Mar 23, 2023

Martin Theis is a spiritual coach and teacher who focuses on mental and emotional well-being through the art of shamanic journeys. 
The coaching practice Light Trails Co.'s mission is to assist others on their journey from suffering to inner peace and joy.

Martin lives in Germany, Norway and Hawaii and is in the...

Mar 15, 2023

I have recorded many Tricycle Week articles on Zen Commuter, and invariably I come across the word, Rinpoche. Today, I talk about what the term Rinpoche means; along with monastic, lama and tulku.  If that isn't enough, we will also learn the concept/word Abhidharma.  Come listen

Mar 15, 2023

To many people, the idea of their identity is very important.  To them, it's everything. With Buddhism it is the exact opposite.  An association with the self is a leading cause of suffering.  today, Francis Cook helps us understand that service to others is a path to liberation from suffering.