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Zen Commuter

Mar 30, 2022

The perfect way to drift to sleep is by letting your mind quiet down.  Meditation is the perfect solution

Mar 29, 2022

Meditation can be a very solitary experience. Ironically enough, when we sit down and turn our attention inwardly, we connect to all life.  And it is that very energy that can be sent to any place in the world to send healing.

Mar 25, 2022

It is one of the biggest challenges in meditation for many people, dealing with persistent thoughts.  Today I discuss a variety of methods for handling those thoughts.

Mar 25, 2022

Ann Hince has developed the ability to sense inside her body, and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue, using solely the focus of her mind. Today I talk with her to discuss her process and how it all started.  Let's listen.

Mar 23, 2022

The Author of The Agreement is with me today to talk about entering into a harmonious relationship to the Source.  Rebecca Dawson joins me to explain a new way lf thinking