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Zen Commuter

Feb 29, 2016

My friends I had a tragic thing happen over the weekend.  My mac died.  So I need to go see a genius about bringing that baby back.  Don't you worry though.  I will never leave you hanging.  Enjoy this rebroadcast of Episode 435, savoring solitude.

Feb 26, 2016


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Also, reviews for the podcast on iTunes are extremely helpful, they help it reach a wider audience.  The more positive reviews the higher in the rankings it...

Feb 25, 2016

Ethan Bridges is the author of  He, much like myself, focuses on two aspects of calm, the internal and the things you can work with outside of who you are.  In his article that I share today, he talks about the way to live in the moment while still focusing on your goals.


Carbonite - Carbonite...

Feb 24, 2016

Belinda Noyes is a contributor for Tiny Buddha.  Her article that I read today is called The path to Peace: 10 ways to take good care of ourselves.

Feb 23, 2016

Leo Babauta is the host and author of Zenhabits, the podcast and the blog.  His writings are the epitome of inspiration.  However, he doesn't leave things to abstract.  He takes the inspiration and helps you act upon the sage words he humbly writes.

His thoughts and viewpoints are indeed truly Zen, based in wisdom and...