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Zen Commuter

May 26, 2017

Rev. Maria Felipe, O.M.C., is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and student of A Course in Miracles, which is the centerpiece of her life.

Maria is a frequent speaker at the Unity Burbank English services and she is the creator and minister of the Unity Burbank Spanish services. She inspires with her joyous spirit and delightful sense of humor. Maria enthuses, "It is a wonderful gift to me to be able to share a message of loving Light to guide my brothers and sisters to achieve inner peace."

As a Pathways of Light minister, Maria emphasizes the practice of helping people quiet their mind to better hear their Inner Guidance, and in the process, strengthen their connection with God. As a facilitator of mind healing, she creates a warm, supportive, open atmosphere where participants can feel comfortable to explore and share insights. Maria is also available for customized weddings, holy unions, baptisms, memorial services and other ceremonies of life transition.

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