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Zen Commuter

Feb 22, 2017

Jason Lee is the founder of, a site dedicated to making sure that those convicted of sexual assault serve their entire sentence.  He is also a contributor to an organization that helps men suffering from sexual abuse.

He is a father to a wonderful son, a dutiful husband and a giving son, himself.  He is also a survivor of sexual assault that spanned several years starting in high school from a scout leader who is now serving time for the molestation of many other boys.

Jason is not on the show to talk about the his incident directly, but to demonstrate how even the most horrific events can be a source of light.  In his youth he sought to wipe all of the trauma from his memory.  In his words, he simply wanted to live a normal life.  However, his life now is not normal, it is exemplary.  He has taken the pain from his past and used it as a source of good, helping other men cope with the difficulty of unwanted sexual assault.  He, along with other agencies, are helping the public realize that indeed men too are sexually abused. Together they help shed light on this topic, while also empowering as many men as they can, to live lives that are full and rich.

I am pleased to have Jason on the show to help teach us about what it means to live a life of meaning, regardless of circumstance, how light will always prevail.

Links from the Episode - A site dedicated to making sure all sexual offenders serve their full sentence - Support for men who have been the victims of unwanted sexual assault

Take Action to Keep an admitted sex offender off the street


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