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Zen Commuter

Dec 31, 2015

Happy New Year my friends.  I hope the new year finds you happy, healthy and of course, calm.  As we embark on a new calendar it is going to be important to spend time reflecting on the past year and preparing for the next.  This is best done alone, with your thoughts and no distractions. The problem is most people hate being alone with their thoughts.  In fact, they hate being alone, period.  Many people associate lonely with alone.  These two concepts could not be further apart.

One is pain and mental/emotional anguish, while the other is an unparalleled sense of confidence and strength.  Even thought there are misperceptions doesn't mean we can't all become better able to enjoy our alone time.  Yours truly is going to make sure of it.  Today I talk about finding ways to enjoy your alone time.

Links from the Episode

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Riskology - a site for introverted leaders

13 Rules for Being Alone and Being Happy About it

Paul Horn/traveler - Meditation music


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