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May 25, 2015

What are the elements of happiness?

First and foremost is the understanding that happiness is not outside of anyone.  The hugest misperception your people have is the understanding that a thing lies outside of them and is their key to happiness.  It changes for each person who believes that as well.  For some it may be that mystical perfect job that will give them a sense of completeness, of belonging.  For someone else it may be the understanding that if they find the resources to purchase the ultimate car or house that their sense of belonging will be satisfied as their neighbors and friends look upon them with envy and jealousy.


Where did this belief come from?  Why is it still with us?  There are so many people that keep trying to amass more and even though they obtain what they are looking for they still are unhappy?  Is it just me or does seem somewhat odd?

You clearly look at things more objectively than most but we would also say that when you are in the midst of the reaching, not looking inwardly, it seems perfectly natural to think that the object will cure all the uneasiness.  Your culture and your media reinforces that at every turn.  Most times again without introspection the messages of the media seep into the psyche unbeknownst to the observer.  It’s like radiation.  If you are in the midst of radioactive substances you don’t know it by feeling it.  There is no outward signs that it is there.  It isn’t until you become sick and dying until you realize that something is up.  The exact same holds true for media messages.  People are in a radioactive mine field when they are watching television. 

Think of cultures you have seen in documentaries about third world nations.  Even in the most dire of circumstances some, if not most, of these people are happy.  They don’t envy their neighbors.  In fact, many tribal cultures do not have envy or jealousy because the goal is to support the group or at least the extended family which can be quite large.  This isn’t to suggest that a socialist lifestyle is optimal, in fact it isn’t even deemed that way in these cultures.  The belief that the wellbeing of the whole supports everyone is a fact of life.  In fact, it isn’t even deemed remotely political in nature.  It simply is community.

What is the best way to help people understand that their happiness lies within them, that is waiting to be discovered?

By example mostly.  You do a fine job of helping people understand that.  Yet as you are aware people will come to that understanding when they are supposed to.  Their path may support it in this lifetime or it may be the goal of a following incarnation.

So does that mean that some people are fated to be unhappy and others not?


We think you know that answer?  In fact, we will pose that question back to you.  If you quiet yourself what answer comes to mind.


Well, I am of the understanding that anything is possible, that anything can change in an instant with a thought.  The me that is hopeful and optimistic would want to know that no one needs to be miserable for a lifetime.


Your hopes are beautiful yet you did not answer your question.  Are some people fated to be happy and others not?


You are right. I did not.  So here goes.  Everyone has the ability to experience joy and happiness.  It is the nature of the Universe, coupled with Love.  It is not something to be experienced per se but discovered.  I believe that a soul will find that inner link in the time it is supposed to and it can happen at any time.

But can it happen in one lifetime at any time?

That is where I struggle with the question.  If a soul inhabits a human form it does so to realize it’s divinity.  It will find it.  I am just not sure if it happens in one incarnation or another.  It will happen, but perhaps not in this lifetime.

Does that understanding sadden you in a way?


It does, because it means that some people will never experience happiness in their lifetime.  It goes against what I believe in.  That happiness exists for everyone.


Do you feel that if  it does not exist in the one incarnation that is listening to you that instilling that hope is in some ways unkind?  You are telling people that they can be happy when in essence perhaps they cannot be?


No, that belief does not sit true in my being?


Why Not?


Because a soul doesn’t know time.  It knows a mission.




A soul become human to experience love, joy and divinity.  It seeks that understanding by experiencing what it is not.  However, it knows that the quote “answer” of Love exists in understanding humanness, complete with misery, sadness and despair.  It will find the answer of love in experiencing those “unlove” qualities and energies.  However, since the sould does not perceive time that means that belief can come at any time in any incarnation.

It could be the first or the fiftieth.  It doesn’t know and certainly the humanness that it inhabits doesn’t know either because it has chosen to become erased, shielded from the source of Love to better understand it.

So as long winded as that answer is.  No one knows when they will experience Love and happiness.  It can happen in this body or whatever one follows.  The other thing to understand is that who is to say how many iterations a soul has had in human form.

This form may be the first or the last or any where in between and the understanding of happiness and Love can come at any time.

Do you think that I am trying to make myself feel better about the possibility that people may not be able to experience happiness?

It is not for us to say one way or the other.  How does it feel in your body when you explain it?

Like truth, my truth anyway.

We know you are well connected to the source so it may be safe to say that your belief serves you.

But is it right?

Does it need to be?

I can answer for you if you would like.

By all means.

There is no need for right and wrong, in fact neither of those perceptions exist.  Right is a collective understanding as is wrong.  The only thing that needs to be truly stated about anything is whether it serves in bringing someone closer to light and community or whether it drives on further away?

Ego aside, that is a perception that could serve many.

Why don’t people look inside to find happiness.  I get that the media tells them it is outside of them, but there is also a voice inside them that tells them it is inward.

Which voice do you feel is louder?


I would imagine the one that inhabits the form that is farthest away from experiencing happiness. 

That would make sense.  As you become closer to experiencing happiness it would stand to reason that the voice of fear, want and loneliness would become weaker, softer.  The soul as it comes closer to it human journey’s end becomes more able to silence the noise, the chatter.


What do you want for the world?

Peace.  Not so much the absence of war but the absence of an inner war.  At times I feel so much of the people around me.  I sense their worry and fear, and want to help them experience calm and a connection to love.

I sense such unrest in people.  They long to feel connected, to be loved.  They want so much to feel needed, appreciated.  I understand it.  Those are beautiful aspirations. I believe on some level we all do, myself included.

But there is also the understanding that we are never alone and that we don’t need to go looking for love because it is the very essence who we are.  We all have a purpose and it is so clear, crystal clear, when we turn a deaf ear to fear, worry and concern of abandonment.

A noble goal.

I will continue to do all I can to help ease the fear and worries of everyone I meet.

We are sure you will.  You do know that some of those people are not ready to experience those beliefs yet, correct?

I do.  But that doesn’t mean I stop trying.

Certainly not.  We offer that understanding so that you do not become discouraged by those on a different path.

I have struggled with that in the past, my past.  I have become possessed with helping people experience joy whether or not they were ready.

Was that goal ego focused?

If I think back it was ego in one sense and gratitude in another.  I have and continue to lead an amazing life.  I have challenges and triumphs like everyone.  But even in my darkest moments my higher self lets me know that
this too shall pass” that despite a utter human connection to self-pity and sadness I fully understand the gif that is my life.

I have told many that the reason I write, speak and express joy is a way of expressing my gratitude for the life I have been given and chosen.

That is an important distinction to make, chosen.

Indeed.  But to my point, I felt in the past on some level that if I could not help someone see light and love that my gratitude would be diminished.

Why would you believe that.  Is that where the ego comes in?

In all honesty, on some level, perhaps.  I don’t ever wish to be seen as apart from anyone, knowing all the answers.  I am better or worse than no one.  But perhaps I simply wish to have people experience the absolute peace that comes from Love.

They will.


They will indeed, whether it be with my assistance or not. 

In that statement it is clear you have abandoned some sense of ego.

I don’t care if someone finds happiness in talking to a hermit crab.  I just want people to experience it in whatever way they can.

Ego aside, I do know that is why I am here.  To relay that message.  It will make it’s way to where it is supposed to. 

You are “right” in that belief.

I do know that not everyone will experience joy and love in this lifetime.  But much like the soul I don’t know when that time will be.  I trust my intuition and link to my higher self to know when that will happen for someone.

I would never give up on someone,  but I also know timing is everything.  I will continue to spread light to all.  Yet I will not become entangled in the need for everyone to experience it now.

That is a prudent way of thinking, and kind.

It is as it is.  Thank you for your time today.

You are always welcome and of course you know that we are you, we together are us. We simply are.


Peace, indeed!