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Calmer. Wiser and happier.  That's the goal of ZEN commuter, the weekday podcast designed to start your day off right. If your days are filled with stress and lacking direction, then you will definitely want to tune in.  I interview amazing thought leaders in order to have you seeing different ways to live a calmer, more purposeful life.  

On the days I am at the mic alone, I help you greet each day with hope and optimism.  And I even help you discover better ways to treat your body and you mind.

Isn't it about time you got to work in a better mood?  You will, with ZEN commuter.

Oct 16, 2021

Now that we know all about the inner critic, it's time to talk about how we can address it and its thoughts when we meditate.  Today I talk about some important things to remember about the inner critic as you get ready to learn how to meditate.

Oct 14, 2021

As I discussed earlier, the reason many people do not meditate is because they feel they will be besieged with negative thoughts about who they are and what they can do. Today I talk about how that inner critic is created and how to work through it.

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Oct 12, 2021

We all like listening to soothing mediation music, right? Well, maybe there is benefit in meditating to music that you don't resonate with. Let's talk about it.

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Oct 8, 2021

In 2014 a study was conducted to determine how much people would enjoy being alone with their thoughts. It turns out the majority of them wouldn’t like it at all. Today I talk about that study and follow it up tomorrow with how to begin the scary process of meditating.

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Oct 6, 2021

Today I continue a talk that was started on Calmer in 5. The topic? Worry. Why we do it and how we can stop. In the article by Seth Gillihan, one of the methods he talks about in regard to decreasing worry is meditation. Today I talk about how that happens; what exactly happens to your brain when you meditate that...