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Zen Commuter

Jan 27, 2015

You could be taking steps to be calmer today, any day actually.  That is not a criticism, so could all of us, myself included.  There are some things we do each day out of habit that simply do not serve us.  

Today I talk about 6 things you can do immediately that will enhance your level of peace through the day.  These six quick-hits help you become more productive by eliminating actions that don't serve you.

Topics Discussed

  • A quick way to be reminded to breath for stress relief
  • 5 scents that produce calm
  • How to stop making to-do lists for simple tasks
  • A new way to organize your bureau


Question of the Day 

What is one task you do almost everyday that could be simplified?

Action of the Day

Institue one or all six of the tips discussed in today's episode.


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