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Zen Commuter

Jan 26, 2015

"Life is partly what we make it and partly what is made by the friends we choose" - Tennessee Williams 

Sociologists and psychologists agree that forming new friendships has numerous health benefits, both physiological and psycholoigal.  But forget about all that, making new frinds makes you hapier and creates community.

Not everyone knows the steps to doing that though, until now.  Listen to today's ZEN commuter to find out how to make new friends.On yesterday's podcast I talked about all the qualities of a really good friend, assuming that everyone had as many friends as they wanted.  I am hoping you don't have enough friends.  You can never have too many.  In the event you forgot how to make friends then listen to today's episode about how to make new friends.

Question of the Day

Who was the last friend you made and how did it come about?

Action of the Day

Strike up a conversation with a stranger.


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