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Calmer. Wiser and happier.  That's the goal of ZEN commuter, the weekday podcast designed to start your day off right. If your days are filled with stress and lacking direction, then you will definitely want to tune in.  I interview amazing thought leaders in order to have you seeing different ways to live a calmer, more purposeful life.  

On the days I am at the mic alone, I help you greet each day with hope and optimism.  And I even help you discover better ways to treat your body and you mind.

Isn't it about time you got to work in a better mood?  You will, with ZEN commuter.

Oct 30, 2014

Just like your iPhone, your iPad or tablet is a tool.  It is meant to make your life better, not take away from it.  Yet many people don't realize the limitations of this tool.  It can enhance our lives but also keep us up at night and make it more difficult to learn.  Come read how.

Inspiration Quote

I read on my iPad when I travel. I listen to audiobooks in the car. I read books in my bedroom, where I have a comfortable couch, a lamp and two dogs to keep me warm." - Isabelle Allende


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How eReaders compare to traditional books
  • How eReaders make learning more difficult
  • The purpose of Melatonin
  • How backlit electronic devices impair sleep
  • Ways to sleep more peacefully

Journal Question

Do you use the TV as a nightlight or sleep timer for bed?

The Action of the Day:

Complete reading and work for home in a room other than your bedroom.


The difference between eReaders and traditional books


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