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Zen Commuter

Sep 29, 2014

Socrates' quote may have been a little heavy handed but it certainly was accurate.  To live fully you need to see where you can grow.  Even in ancient Greece it was believed that spiritual growth should be a high priority.

It will certainly serve you in present day to add clarity to random events that happen in your life. Random however is a misperception.  All that happens to you is of your creation.  Nothing is coincidental or random.

In order to grow, it is important to see how your higher self and human self have converged to help you n your journey of self-discovery.

Question of the day:

Do you believe that every event that happens in your life if of your creation?  If not, how do you explain the things that happen to you?

Action of the Day:

Think of the last noteworthy thing that has happened to you, good or bad.  List the spiritual benefits that came to pass because of that event.