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Zen Commuter

Jun 26, 2014

Journaling is by far the best way to improve as a person.  Of course, that’s a huge statement.  The reason it’s so valid though is because journaling entails a wide range of rationales as to why to journal, and an equal number of positive outcomes.  You might just want to write down the events of the day.  Possibly you want to track your goals.  These are great motivators and there are several more, limitless in fact.  The important thing to remember is the process of journaling is for you and you alone.   You can decide to share it, but you don’t have to.

 As a writer I know the flood of thoughts that pass through my mind and fingers in the course of a day.  I don’t think that I have more thoughts than the average Joe or Jane.  The only difference is that I write mine down and funnel my thoughts into helping the world and myself.

 So if it’s so important why isn’t every one doing it? I’m just going to come right out and say it.  Most people think journaling is for women and girls.  Relax! I didn’t say I thought so.  Let’s be honest though.  When you think of the word journal what other word comes to mind…diary, right?  I’ve been on the planet for close to five decades and every time I have seen anything on TV or in the movies about diaries or journals, it’s the same.  Some angst-ridden girl is either tearfully writing in her journal about the woes of being a teenager or dreamily detailing the boy she thinks is cute.  It’s either that or she is about to punch her brother as he hold the book out of her reach as he acts the part of town crier shouting all the embarrassing secrets held within.

Let’s hope that my perception may be losing its image.  I hope so.  Because journaling is a practice that’s gender free.  Yup, it’s for guys too, all types of guys.  Let me put it more succinctly.  Successful men journal. Let me take the bias out altogether.  Successful people journal.

 Regardless of who you are perhaps you already know the benefits of keeping a journal but don’t know how to start.  You might not know how to keep it going?  If you are like most people you will ask,


“What do I write about?”


Don’t worry about that now, just write whatever come to mind.  Heck, you can draw unicorns and kittens if it will get your thoughts flowing.  Just start.